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Marcus Encel is a contemporary australian artist. Working primarily with photography/digital imaging, 3D practice, drawing and performing art. His art is informed by his lifelong practice of Martial arts, specialising in Aikido. It is also influenced by interests in mythology, history, archetypes, philosophy and science. Visually he is influenced by time spent as a “fight photographer”.


Marcus Encel (b. 1963) is a Melbourne based artist working primarily in the areas of performance, video and installation. ENCEL’s creative approach and process draw on his experiences working with Australian sculptor and jeweller Matchem Skipper 1978-1980 and his time living in Japan studying aikido at the aiki shrine (jinja) as a live in student (uchi-deshi) of Morihiro Saito Sense.

Encel is a noted Aikido practitioner and teacher of aikido. He is researching the relationships between movement body narratives, internal/external shared language (mastering) skill, and performance art. This research has manifested recently in the development of a series of video installations and performances based upon the soliloquy. The process of Encel’s soliloquy draws out internal workings of the artist and his subjects, much like the therapist and the analysand, and is similar to the bonds between master/ novice teacher/student, creating powerful narratives that bring the personal surfaces and private interiors into a world of public becoming.

Encel was awarded a master of contemporary art from the Victorian college of the arts in 2013. He has exhibited in Melbourne, Japan and New Zealand. He works from Blender studios and his dojo in Collingwood. Investigating these concepts through multiple approaches both in the studio and in site-specific work, using traditional media and eclectic materials to reflect the differing elements of the subject; some applications are precise whilst others are accidental and chaotic, creating a complexity of concept to reflect the urban experience.

Marcus Encel CV


• 2013 Masters of Contemporary Art at VCA
• 2010 Master of Teaching Visual art Melbourne University
• 2009 Diploma of Teaching Secondary Visual art Melbourne University
• 1992 BA Fine Art Photography VCA


• 2015 – Soliloquy dark horse Experiment
• 2014- ReFormat ReTell, (Rumpus Room)
• 2014- Soliloquy (George Paton Gallery)
• 2013- Art Attack 1 (Proposing a new religion)
• 2013- Art Attack 2 (If you don’t like it, don’t do it!)
• 2012- Aikido Tabi-Ji (my Aikido journey)
• 2012- Sea of Chaos (Synergy Gallery)
• 2010- Il Santera y el Profesor (Synergy Gallery)


• 2017 – Blender Biannale I am speaking to you on Behalf of the Universe
• 2016 – Blue House Sydney
• 2016 – Soliloquy @ “The World constitutes George Paton gallery
• 2013 – The Windsor Prize
• 2012 – That Which Lies Beneath the Surface (Substation Gallery)
• 2012 – Spectrum- (Northcote Uniting Church)
• 2012 – Planet Love Sound CD Launch. (Installation of La Santera and Ebo)
• 2012 – Portrait (Synergy gallery)
• 2012 – Fertility (Synergy Gallery)
• 2012 25% (Margaret Lawrence Gallery)
• 2012, 1998, 1993, 1992, 1991 CCP Summer Salon
• 2012 – Small Works Prize BSG
• 2011 – Small Works Prize BSG
• 2011 – Picture this Photography Prize BSG
• 2011 – Synergy Salon and Art Auction



• 2015- Named head of the Australian division of the The Institute of Aikido International Australian Division.
• 2014- Aikido Instructor at Irene Community Art Warehouse
• 2012/13 Contributor to “Blitz” magazine
• 2000 Awarded Yondan by Saito Sensei
• 1997 Opened Pure Aikido Dojo , Sensei (instructor 1997- ongoing)
• 1988-89-Uchi deshi (live in student) of Morihiro Saito plus yearly visits until Saito Sensei’s death in 2001
• 1988 awarded Shodan Shuriken Jitsu By Saito Sensei
• 1986-87 Uchi deshi (live in student) of Morihiro Saito
• Sensei in the Aiki Shrine Iwama Japan
• 1977- Trained with Doshu Kissomaru Ueshiba (Hereditary head of Aikido and son of the founder O’sensei) at Hombu (head dojo) Japan
• 1976- Began Aikido training under David Brown (Aiki Kai)


• 2009 -2014 Head Instructor Gracie Jiu Jitsu Collingwood
• 2008 Won Gold Victorian Championships No- Gi
• 2007 Won Bronze at the Mundial (world championships) Brazil
• 2006 Won Australian Championship Cup
• 2006 Won Gold Pan Pacific Championship
• 2004 Won Gold Pan Pacific Championship
• 2002-2009 Won over 20 state, national, and international medals in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
• 2002- Started training Jiu Jitsu


• 2015-Aikido demonstration and instruction at the “Inaugural institute of Aikido International Seminar.”
• 2013- Aikido demonstration at Aikido Institute New Zealand
• 2012-Aikido demonstration at Aikido Institute New Zealand
• 2012- Aikido demonstration at Spectrum art show Northcote Uniting Church
• 2012-Aikido Tabi-Ji


• 2013 Pure Aikido Defense against a double leg and defense against a downward knife slash (Blitz Instructors Fighting Techniques Collectors Edition Annual edition)
• 2012 A Blending of Truths (Blitz Magazine June issue)
• 2012 Aikido’s multiple Attack Strategies (Blitz Magazine September issue)


• 1992- Won Principle Lecturers Award VCA for “Untitled” (Acquired for VCA/NGV Collection)


• 2009 -2014 Head Instructor Gracie Jiu Jitsu Collingwood
• 2010-2012- President of Synergy gallery
• 1997 Opened Pure Aikido Dojo , Sensei (instructor 1997- ongoing)
• 1993-1998 Operated “ME Studio” photography
• 1989 -1995 Photography and Photojournalism for “The Fist” and “Blitz” magazines
• 1982-1986 Freelance jeweller (including Inside Turning at Stuart  Ferguson Jewelers)
• 1978-81 Jewelry Apprentice Montsalvat under Matchem Skipper


• 1997-ongoing Pure Aikido (Aikido Sensei)
• 2006-2014 ,(Gracie Jiu Jitsu Instructor at Pure Aikido)
• 2000-ongoing, Yearly Pure Aikido Summer camp (various locations in Victoria)
• 2014- Instructing Splits and Iron Ab short courses
• 2012, 2013 Annual Aikido Institute of Aukland Summer Camp
• 2009-Princes Hill Secondary, Teaching – Photography Yr 9 and 10, Yr 12, Sculpture Yr 7 and 8.
• 2008- Thornbury High, Teaching- Visual Communication, Drawing
• 1988-1989 English teacher Mito English School